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Achieving top results! Still managing? With high levels of energy and enjoyment?
Even when challenges and ambitions compete for your attention? We help organizations, teams and individuals to perform at top level.

Happiness at work? it works!

Evidence shows that happiness does not follow success, but actually fuels success. More energy and happiness at work result in higher achievements.


In a majority of organizations, so much more potential can be unleashed. That isn’t hard, but it does require some effort. Take a minute to check out how.

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How bright and happy is your work?

Invest in happy success

In 4 areas:

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Our customers can tell:

Happy & Healthy organization:

Unleashing human potential. This is what we did for Rosco Laboratories in the USA.

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“We are greatly helped in creating and implementing our Rosco People Development Strategy. With a contagious passion for people and with elegance, we are coached to clarify our ‘why.’ To set clear goals, to refocus and to define execution actions. In this process, our own patterns as leadership team are also continuously challenged. Our people now feel truly invested and empowered! Also, our leadership teams have become more open and cohesive. Toptimism@work delivers great added value to our organization.”

Team development:

Choosing team power. Look how we helped the MEE Plus Group.

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“Our freshly-created teams received great support in preparing for the WMO transition to the municipalities as of January 1, 2015. Effective cocreation allowed us to address precisely those key issues which contributed most to growth, in terms of content as well as in terms of team development. Collaboration ensured the right focus and allowed for great pro-activity. More energy flowed. We learned how to move from a talking mode to action, and how to continue this by ourselves afterwards. Just what we needed to position ourselves optimally with the municipalities.”

Realistic optimism:

Finding possibilities. Learn how we helped one of our major government organizations.

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“As a programme team we were close to loosing confidence in working together. Toptimism at work helped us break down our own frustrating team patterns. hese were causing us to act against ourselves. Toptimism helped us look for possibilities. We gained new and strong confidence in ourselves and in our potential. Which enabled us to realize Asset Management in a successful way. That year, we were elected ‘Team of the Year’ within RWS! We are still held up as an example and, being ex PAM-members, we are proud of our performance.”

About us

 Toptimism at work

Creates space and opens up possibilities for organizations, teams and individual employees. Unlocks Happiness at Work, resulting in more success. Through coaching, consultancy and inspirational workshops. We ask you those questions that help you make real choices.

Juul van den Boomen – Founder

Some of our clients:

  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Enexis
  • MEE
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Rosco Laboratories Inc.
  • Verdonck, Klooster & Associates
  • Kadaster
  • ING Bank
  • Diverse gemeentes
  • ANWB


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